Hello, I'm Gemma Haywood!

I’m a British birth and postnatal doula currently based in London with my family.  

My doula journey began in New York City, where I lived for 5 years and gave birth to my son Luca.  It’s a city with a passionate and inspiring birth community.  

During my pregnancy I felt strongly drawn to natural childbirth and chose a forward-thinking obstetrician who recommended the support of a doula and to take classes in the Bradley technique.  I did both and had a wonderful birth at NYU hospital, supported by my doula and husband.  This powerful experience inspired me to help other women and families to have similarly positive birth experiences.  

I left my work in media to become a doula and have since supported around 40 families through the birth and postnatal period, providing non-judgmental, compassionate, evidence-based care.  I am certified through DONA International in the US and recognized by Doula UK. 

I support all kinds of births: vaginal, caesarean, inductions, vbac, twins, epidurals, and I will assist you in whichever birthing environment you choose: a hospital, birthing unit, or at home.  I'm experienced supporting mothers across the spectrum from ‘high risk’ to homebirth.

Having lived in many different countries including Italy, Japan, the US and the UK, I offer a very international approach, and will be by your side as you make the exciting, and complex transition to motherhood.