About me


I’m a British birth and postnatal doula living in Dulwich, London with my family. 

My doula journey began in New York City, where I lived for 5 years and gave birth to my son Luca.  It’s a city with a passionate and inspiring birth community.  During my pregnancy I felt strongly drawn to natural childbirth and I was lucky enough to have a forward-thinking obstetrician who supported my desire and recommended the support of a doula and to take classes in the Bradley technique.  I did both and had a wonderful birth at NYU hospital, supported by my doula and husband.  This powerful experience inspired me to help other women have similarly positive birth experiences. 

I left my work in media to become a doula and have since supported over 30 families through the birth and postnatal period, providing non-judgmental, compassionate, evidence-based care.  I am certified through DONA International in the US and recognized by Doula UK. 

My breastfeeding journey was hugely influential on my new life path.  After initial fears that I might not be able to breastfeed, I learned the value of having a wide support network and being able to share my struggles and joy with other breastfeeding mothers.  I certified as a Lactation Councilor in the US and have studied with Indira Lopez-Bassols of Breastfeeding London for the past year to enhance my ability to support mothers who would like to breastfeed.  I have also volunteered as an infant feeding peer supporter at the Royal Sussex Hospital. 

I’m happy supporting all kinds of births: vaginal, caesarean, inductions, vbac, twins, epidurals, and I will assist you in whichever birthing environment you choose: a hospital, birthing unit, or at home.  I have experience supporting mothers across the spectrum from ‘high risk’ to homebirth. 

I am trained in acupressure, Spinning Babies, comfort techniques and Mexican rebozo. I will draw on all of these skills as I support you during your birth. 

Having lived in many different countries including Italy, Japan, the US and the UK, I offer a very international approach, and will be by your side as you make the exciting, and complex transition to motherhood.