A Doula provides non-medical emotional, physical and educational support to mothers during pregnancy, labour, and through the early postnatal period.


Birth Doulas help the mother and her partner plan and prepare for the birth and provide continuous support to the labouring woman during the birth.  A Birth Doula’s goal is for the mother to feel safe and supported throughout her pregnancy and birth.  The Doula can provide the mother and her partner with the latest information and resources, to enable her to make informed decisions about her birth choices.  The Doula also offers physical support during labour, which may include acupressure, massage, Rebozo, and assistance in position changes.  


Postnatal Doulas are focussed on nurturing the mother and the new family.  The Doula helps the expectant parents to plan for the postnatal period and visits the family once the baby is born, providing compassionate, evidence-based support.  This may include birth processing, breastfeeding support, companionship, meal preparation, sibling support, looking after baby whilst mum & dad have a shower or take a nap, helping new parents to relax and feel confident in their ability to care for their baby, and much more!